Technology Like No Other

PipeFusion CIPP solutions are based off our proprietary, patented Cure Control Technology platform. This next generation, epoxy resin science has enabled us to develop products that offer the ultimate in pot life and workability, with superior durability and virtually zero shrinkage. Further advantages of this impressive feature set are that the technology is eco-friendly and virtually odor-free, unlike outdated, inferior, styrene-based alternatives. The result is a superior installation experience for both those performing the work and the citizens who live and work in the municipalities in which it occurs. Gone are the days of entire city blocks filled with offensive styrene resin odors and the accompanying nuisance complaints that must be dealt with by government officials, first responders and contractors.

Ultimate Versatility

PipeFusion CIPP products can be seamlessly integrated directly into your existing installation process without any changes to jobsite methods or equipment. This enables installation teams that are already experts in working with legacy, styrene-based resins to continue using the same processes they have been successful with for years without the need for extensive new product training. However, for those seeking to improve their daily production by adopting innovative new process methods, PipeFusion Xtreme offers remarkable advantages unseen before today. It’s extended pot life enables liners to be wet out offsite, in controlled indoor production environments. They can then be transported to jobsites for installation within 16 – 24 hours. This easily executed change in method enables installation crews to realize up to 30% more production per day. Additionally, the opportunity to capture projects with longer runs of several hundred lateral feet, or more, is now a reality. PipeFusion Xtreme® will help you expand your business while reducing its complexity.