Customer-Focused Training

Training is available to suit your needs regardless of your level of expertise. The PipeFusion CIPP mission is to ensure the installation experience of our customers is exceptional. We recognize that jobsite training and ongoing support is just as essential to project success as our resin systems. A PipeFusion CIPP technical training expert is available virtually anytime to assist our customers. Training is available in a variety of languages, both on and offsite, and reinforced by a series of multi-lingual, installation videos. Custom video content can also be created to help train and support larger teams associated with customers with national coverage areas.
PipeFusion CIPP®
"After 14 years of owning a mid-size, CIPP contracting company, I know from personal experience how important technical training is from our vendor partners. I built close relationships with all suppliers and the ones that trained us the best were the ones we relied on to build the company. We regard our onsite training services as a key strategic advantage!"
Ray De Jesus
Founder & President, PipeFusion CIPPCorporation